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Please Get In Touch

For any requests in relation to our courses, events, tours, activities, wwoofing, or to simply make a booking for lunch, please feel free to contact us via any of the channels below.

Please note that our mobile and internet network here at the ecovillage is not very stable, as we are situated in a remote region of the island, surrounded by mountains. If you can't reach us on calls, send us a WhatsApp text message, and as our phones pickup the network we will receive it, and will get back to you with 24h.

Events, Workshops,

and Consultancy Services:

Contact Thierry at Terganic Permaculture

➣ WhatsApp: 57 56 13 10

Guided Tours, Lunch, and Camp:

Contact Olivier at La Petite Ferme

➣ WhatsApp: 59 63 34 95

Postal Address:

Terganic Permaculture,

La Meule Ecovillage

B28 Road, Anse Bambous,

Bambous Virieux, 50101,

Grand-Port, Mauritius.

Thanks! Message sent.

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