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Sat, Aug 13


Terganic Permaculture Garden Farm

An introduction to Permaculture Course

Join us as we take you into the world of Permaculture, and introduces you to new ways of looking at the world. For anyone interested in learning regenerative systems, and how we can adapt to all interconnected systems that consists our society, and create abundance for your family & our communities.

An introduction to Permaculture Course
An introduction to Permaculture Course

Time & Location

Aug 13, 2022, 8:00 AM – Aug 14, 2022, 4:30 PM

Terganic Permaculture Garden Farm, B28 Coastal Road, Anse Bambous, La Meule Permaculture Ecovillage, Bambous Virieux, Mauritius

About The Workshop

Our team at La Meule Ecovillage welcomes you to Bambou Virieux for 2 intensive days of training in permaculture. 

These magnificent farms that forms an integral part of the Ecovillage has been managed by Thierry, Olivier and Anaïs Guimbeau since 2015. It is the first Ecovillage type of farms in Mauritius, designed entirely with permaculture design methods.  Here, people and nature live in harmony ...

This training covers the first part of the full course of the PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate). 

We will mainly present you:

● The definition and history of permaculture, as well as ethical principles, design principles, and the design of natural regenerative and ecological systems towards ecological rehabilitation and self-sufficiency.

● Observation in real conditions of the different elements that constitute ecosystems and their interactions, in addition to providing you with ideas that you could immediately experience at home and in your permaculture oasis, with regard to sustainability, recycling, waste disposal, water management, and energy.

● Garden planning with permaculture zones and sectors, and design your ecosystem and your “lifestyle” in permaculture, at home, and in your communities, towards a better adaptation to the challenges of our society, and of climate change.

● How we can adapt and use biomimicry to all the systems that make up our society.

● As well as, introduce you to soil fertility, the creation of biointensive vegetable gardens requiring little maintenance, and creating abundance. The spread of herbs, perennials. Creation of edible forests “Food Forests”. The conservation of seeds, and of our food.

● And finally… show you how to connect to the permaculture movement in the world, and discover the opportunities offered by the development of permaculture towards a new economy for the world of tomorrow, in Mauritius, and in the world (Business  , job creation, activities, etc.).

The introductory course in permaculture includes the first part (about 1/6 of the total duration of 72 hours) of the PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate).  Students who take the introductory course and then decide to take the entire PDC will already have a solid foundation in ethics and principles of permaculture..

Day 1 Schedule :

  • 8h00 : Check-in and breakfast
  • 9h00-9h30 : Teacher and Group Presentation
  • 09h30-10h15 : Definition and history of Permaculture
  • 10h15-10h30 : Coffee Break.
  • 10h30-12h00 : Ethics, design principles, Biomimicry.
  • 12h00-1h00 : Lunch Break
  • 1h00-2h15 : La Meule : its design and implementation in real life.
  • 2h15-2h30 : Cofee Break
  • 2h30-4h00 : Design principles, and the "flower" of permaculture.

Drinks and finger snacks will be available at the bar as from 4:30 pm at affordable prices.

Camping facilities can be arranged on site for the night before, and during the course.

Diner for campers at an extra cost of Rs 650. per night (Bring your own camping equipments).

Day 2 Schedule :

  • 8h00 : Check-in and breakfast.
  • 9h00-10h15 : Permaculture Design methods, from dreams to site management.
  • 10h15-10h30 : Cofee Break
  • 10h30-12h00 : Zoning, implementation, realities on site.
  • 12h00-1h00 : Lunch Break
  • 1h00-2h15 : Self-sufficiency, and it's different ecological systems.
  • 2h15-2h30 : Cofee Break
  • 2h30-4h00: The permaculture movement, opportunities in Mauritius and around the world, answers to questions.

⚠️ This introduction to permaculture does not include gardening practices, for that, see our training courses dedicated to it. Courses are French spoken but we can arrange English courses for a minimum group of 10 participants (We will add you on the waiting list).

● Lunch :

Enjoy Lunch at our Ecovillage Table D'hôtes, and have a farm-to-table experience with Olivier & Anaïs as they will be most happy to introduce you there own experience and philosophies of a resilient lifestyle in connection with the natural ecosystems of their own farm gardens. Lunch includes:

  • A Welcoming homemade Juice
  • A Buffet lunch (Veg/Non-Veg)
  • A Dessert
  • And Coffee/Herbal Tea

● Outfit :

Plan a casual outfit to go to the gardens with ease. Boots, hats, and gardening gloves would also be recommended on the farm, as well as sunscreen, and a mosquitoe repellent.

● Accomodation Options :

  • For people who wish to stay on-site, accommodation is free and camping style on our camp ground.
  • There is one powered container cabin dormitory style available at La Petite Ferme within our Ecovillage (to be booked for a fee). ☎ 5963 3495.
  • Outside our ecovillage the closest accomodation option (2.4km) is at La Case du Pecheur  ☎ 634 5675.
  • Other accommodation, bed and breakfast, AirBnB, facilities are available in the local region. Mahebourg  is the nearest main town 18km away with Guest Houses and Hotels.

● Course location :

Terganic Permaculture Garden Farm forms an integral part of La Meule Permaculture Ecovillage.

Located near Bambou Virieux, this 5 acres magnificent farm has been created from bare ground and managed since 2015 as part of La Meule Ecovillage. It is the first ecovillage farm of its kind in Mauritius designed entirely with the permaculture design methods, where people and nature live in harmony. La Meule Ecovillage is a unique place of 27 acres including energy-independent dwellings, cultivation areas, ponds, enclosures for animals, and much more. The valley of Anse Bambous is a place of permaculture and agroecological experimentation and development of green agro-tourism. Please respect the place and its inhabitants.

● The Training will be animated by: 

Thierry Guimbeau, our farm manager and resident teacher: Born in Mauritius.  Thierry is certified in permaculture by Geoff Lawton (A world reference in the permaculture movement). Thierry completed his training in 2012 with a PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate), followed by a 2-month Internship at the Permaculture Research Institute, Zaytuna Farm, Australia. His Training included the following:

  • A Biointensive Gardening Course (by Kay Baxter),
  • A Seed Saving Course,(by Kay Baxter)
  • A Compost Soil Biology & Natural Fertilizer Course (by Paul Taylor),
  • A Permaculture Urban Landscape Design Course (by Geoff Lawton/Nick Huggins),
  • A Permaculture Earthworks Course (by Geoff Lawton),
  • A Permaculture Project Aid Works Course (by Geoff Lawton),and
  • A Permaculture Teacher Training Course (by Geoff Lawton).

In addition to his teaching, Thierry also practices consulting and design services in permaculture.

He is a co-founder of La Meule Ecovillage and and founder/manager at Terganic Permaculture.


  • The 2 Days Course

    Price includes the Course, with 2 tea and coffee breaks, your Saturday and Sunday lunch, plus your attendance Certificate.

    MUR 5,600.00
    Sale ended
  • Friday Camping & Diner

    Participants who wants to camp onsite can come as from 4pm on Friday (The night before the course). Camping facilities includes: Your diner, access to common toilets & hot shower, Wi-Fi access, and access to common lounge. Bar will be open as from 4pm. Campers must bring their own camping equipment and beddings.

    MUR 650.00
    Sale ended
  • Saturday Camping & Diner

    Camping facilities includes your diner, access to common toilets and a hot shower, Wi-Fi access, and access to common lounge. Bar will be open as from 4pm. Campers must bring their own camping equipment and beddings. Course participants who have arranged their accommodation outside the farm can still reserve their place and stay for dinner.

    MUR 650.00
    Sale ended


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