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One-To-One Workshop Consultancy

An exclusive lunch and learning session at our farm, with your property as a case study.

  • 7,100 Mauritian rupees
  • Terganic Permaculture Farm

Service Description

This package is great for people who wish to spent some time with us to brainstorm on their project, in a classroom environment with a projected Google map of your property on our white board, where we can draw directly your own mainframe design together. ​In this package we offer a private exclusive one-to-one guided tour of Terganic Permaculture Farm, by our farm manager and owner, showcasing the Permaculture concepts and design methods, giving you a good idea of the possibilities in designing landscapes and lifestyles, with your own property in mind. After a 1h30 guided tour of the farm, we take your own property as a case study, by using your site plans, and google earth maps. After this 3 hour session we get to have a rough mainframe permaculture design of your own property that you will be able to take back with you. LUNCH INCLUDED A lunch for 2 is included in this package. We ask an additional Rs 750 lunch fee for any additional member of your group or family who would wish to participate in the workshop.

Contact Details

  • Terganic Permaculture Farm

    Terganic Permaculture Garden Farm, La Meule Permaculture Ecovillage, Bambous Virieux, Mauritius


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