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Pre-Purchase Property Assessment

Suitable for those looking to purchase a property.

  • 4,800 Mauritian rupees
  • Terganic Permaculture Farm

Service Description

Suitable for those looking to purchase a property, the assessment includes a report identifying your objectives and visions and assess if this is the right property for you. ​We do a site sector analysis, identifying potential natural hazards, summer / winter sun, prevailing winds, neighboring issues etc. As well as water harvesting and storage potential (rainfall amount, rivers, dams and ponds potential , built structures etc.) ​Topography with slope & aspects applicable to Solar Power, Gravity fed energy & Ease of growing food forests or vegetable gardens etc. And access to site, roads, paths & tracks, internal and external. ​Site fertility, site micro-climates. Neighborhood Analysis, and local community integration, and many many more aspects of the land you are looking forward to buy. ​Fees include travel expenses and travel time, with upfront payment prior to site visit.

Contact Details

  • Terganic Permaculture Farm

    Terganic Permaculture Garden Farm, La Meule Permaculture Ecovillage, Bambous Virieux, Mauritius


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